Here are some testimonials from some of our repeat customers served over the years.

"I have known Angel for 16 years. He always under-promises and over-delivers. He has designed my e-commerce site from scratch, check it out and see why he is the best."


Don Warrener

President Rising Sun Production



"Angel/Koa Digital is a master at Web design...he is able to interpret what you envision for a project and make it unique but practical, easy to navigate, and interesting for those who need/want information. He has innovative ideas on how to display images as well as how to make information easy to access for those surfing the site."


Michele K. Nishiguchi

Department of Biology, NMSU

New Mexico State University




"Angel's design work is incomparable. He is able to capture a moment, a thought, a product, or a complex idea through a combination of unique visual, graphic, and Web techniques. He listens to what the client's needs are and is able to accomplish any marketing, sales, or aesthetic goal better than anyone I've ever worked with."


Bennie Clark Allen

Content Consultants, Inc.



"I highly recommend Koa Digital to universities and faculty who need assistance in their Web design and implementation. Developing and maintaining a quality Web page for the dissemination of educational and research projects is a must-have for new faculty in these technology-driven times. Koa Digital made it very easy for me to create a page that allows my work to be accessible to potential students, the scientific community, as well as the general public.


Jamie Foster, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Microbiology and Cell Science

Space Life Sciences Lab

Kennedy Space Center, FL




"Angel was instrumental in getting my computer requirements met. He was proficient with the formation of my network and Website and gave me tons of valuable information in the course of my business. Angel is tireless in getting the job done right and on the first try. He is always helpful and courteous, knowledgeable about Macs, and those other computers, too. Angel is without question my first source for help. I can’t say enough about him."


Joe Straw

Film Director, Writer, Author



“We are a commercial software and webhosting megalith, and we always select Angel Lemus for consulting, graphics work, web design and video work. We can count on his careful consideration and slightly off-kilter thought processes for the best ideas!. Angel consistenly produces the best images, designs and videos for our web work.”


Jack Miller




"I worked with Angel for 10 years in Los Angeles, I would never let anyone else touch my computer. I thank of him as a Mac Wizard and now that we're thousands of miles apart, I miss his expertise very much."


Lynn Pedigo

Freelance Photographer

“Angel Lemus brings a rare blend of creative, technical, and operational expertise and understanding to the graphic arts and Web design fields. Corporate and client objectives are kept at the forefront: Angel fosters excitement and passion for his clients, their products, and their goals in the execution of his graphic and Web design products. The high standards of excellence and professionalism offered by him and Koa Digital will be an asset to any organization engaging his services.”


Denise L.

Production Director

"Angel is always knowledgeable on the latest technology and how it will fit into a given environment. His expertise will serve your business well. His combination of creative and technical ability brings a unique, concise, and accurate perspective to your business."


Greg Clark

Web Producer



“I’ve known Angel for about 10 years, and would not hesitate to hire or recommend him to others. Angel is a straight shooter, personable, professional, and technically, he knows his stuff.”


Darrin Pertschi

IT Consultant




"I've never dealt with such a knowledgeable and understanding man as Angel Lemus. I'm not an IT person and when he did my Website, I'm not an IT person, but when he did my Website, no matter how many questions I asked him, he always answered professionally, and most of all, as a friend. I recommend Angel and his company Koa Digital."


Manny Soto

Creative Writer